Academician A.A. Kamalov
A Message from the President of the Foundation
Dear compatriots and friends,

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the Heritage and Progress foundation, established in 2020, whose work is devoted to the development and support of Russian-Armenian humanitarian relief initiatives.

When establishing our foundation, we wanted our first order of business focused on broadening and strengthening the humanitarian ties between the people of Russia and Armenia, who have been inextricably bonded by friendship, historical roots, and cultural values for centuries. The Christian principles of humanity, love, and peace run deeply through both our cultures.

The activities of the foundation are directed at the following: supporting humanitarian avenues that will bring our two countries closer together; creating broad, multifaceted cooperation in the fields of culture & art, science & education, youth policy; and strengthening state-level ties of fellowship on the bedrock of historic heritage and patriotic values.

The board of trustees includes prominent representatives of Russian science & education, famous art & cultural figures, as well as renowned scientists, musicians, doctors, and businesspeople, among them a well-known Soviet and Russian historian and Eastern scholar, Director of the Hermitage Museum, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail B. Piotrovsky; Soviet and Russian opera singer, teacher Lyubov Yu. Kazarnovskaya; Soviet and Russian historian, Director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Lomonosov MSU, Professor Igor I. Abylgaziev; Patriarchal Exarch, Primate of the Diocese of Russia and New Nakhichevan in the Armenian Apostolic Church Yezras Nersisyan; Soviet and Russian film director and screenwriter Oleg A. Massarygin and many others.

We are convinced that based on the millennia-spanning cultural heritage of our nations, we will be able to achieve PROGRESS in the humanitarian relief mission to strengthen cooperation, and see the various endeavors of the people of our countries thrive.

President of the Heritage & Progress Foundation
Academician Armais A. Kamalov
3 Dnepropetrovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 117525
Heritage and Progress Foundation for the Development and Support of Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Initiatives