Academician A.A. Kamalov
Address of the Foundation President of the on the Occasion of the 106th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire
Today the entire global Armenian community is celebrating the 106th anniversary of the victims of the genocide. Together we mourn the 1.5 million Armenians who became victims in the hands of the young Turkish government of the Ottoman Empire.

But the Armenians need to realize that they do not need to rely on anyone. Throughout an entire era, we demanded the recognition of the genocide, but we did nothing for it not to happen again.

And again, 100 years later, the entire world witnessed a new flagrant crime committed by the same Turkey, against the same Armenian people!

And when they bombed the innocent civilians of Artsakha by cluster and phosphoric bomb units, the global community continued to keep silent, watching the destruction of one of the most ancient Christian people and state. Not a single sanction was adopted by the Western community against Turkey and Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, politics is often far from morality and ethics ...

Now we are waiting for the recognition of the genocide by the President of the United States. In this regard, it is tempting to rephrase the idiom – "Biden helps those who help themselves.."

When will we finally understand that only our own people can change the situation in Armenia; and it must start as soon as possible, the enemy is watching! In the shortest possible time, it is of utmost importance to restore the country's defense capability, to start building a new stronger nation! And this will be the best manifestation of our memory in relation to the victims of the Genocide!

President of the Heritage and Progress Foundation
Armais Kamalov

3 Dnepropetrovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 117525
Heritage and Progress Foundation for the Development and Support of Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Initiatives