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The film "Ararat-73. The History of Armenian Football"

On July 15 the documentary "Ararat-73. The History of Armenian Football" was on-air on the first channel of the Republic of Armenia.

The film is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Armenian football and was created by the "Heritage and Progress" Foundation and the "Partner Film” production company.

The idea of the film belongs to Arthur Soghomonyan, a businessman and philanthropist, a member of the board of trustees of the "Heritage and Progress" Foundation, who is the general producer of the film.
The President of the "Heritage and Progress" Foundation, Armais Kamalov and the General Director of "Partner Film" Tigran Manasyan have also become the producers of the film.

The history of Armenian football is 90 years old, but the main match in the history of Armenian football took place on October 10, 1973 at the Central Lenin Stadium in Moscow.
Yerevan's Ararat won 30 games in the USSR football championship on the way to the final battle. In the final, Yerevan had to face the strongest team in the Soviet Union, the holder of numerous champion titles and gold medals - "Dynamo" from Kiev. In terms of experience, technically skilled and physical training, Dinamo was no equal in the country.

The game began not in Ararat's favor, "Dynamo" scored and was ahead till the last minutes of the match. However, Ishtoyan, the forward of the Yerevan side, kicked a goal in the last minutes of the game and squared the match. The game finished in extra time, when Ishtoyan scored the game-changing goal and "Ararat" became the USSR champion.