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The Renowned Urologist Armais Kamalov Turned 60 Years Old: What Path Did the Tbilisi Armenian Had to Travel

On June 3, the state TV channel “Russia 1” dedicated a broadcast to our compatriot, academician Armais Kamalov. For his achievements in the field of male health, he received the “Best Doctor of Russia” award in 2006.

Today is the 60th anniversary of Armais Albertovich Kamalov - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the Russian Society of Urologists, Director of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center “University Clinic” of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He was born into a family of Tbilisi Armenians, and after graduating from school, he moved to Moscow. There he graduated from the institute and began to work. Today Armais Kamalov has the honor of being called the Chief Urologist of Moscow. In 2020, he was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and he also has the Order of Honor of the III degree. Chief of the Urology and Andrology Department at the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, served as Chief Urologist Department of Healthcare of Moscow from 2012 to 2014.

Armais Albertovich founded a new filed in medicine - the science of men’s health, and for his achievements in this area he received the “Best Doctor of Russia” award in 2006.

The organization that he was in charge of - the Russian society “Men’s and Reproductive Health” - managed to consolidate the medical community, to involve various institutions of state power in resolving issues of men’s health. Hosted 12 international congresses.

“We have traveled all across the Russian Federation, delivered lectures for doctors, held press conferences for journalists. Our task was to draw attention to the problem of the men’s health, and above all things, we tried to direct their own attention to their problems. A lot was done at the country level to put together programs designed to increase the birth rates and decrease mortality,” he said in an interview.
Our colleagues from the post-Soviet countries - Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, have also been called upon to deal with this problem.

The congress that was held in 2012 in Yerevan was truly momentous. This was the first congress among the CIS countries, which brought together 1500 doctors from all over the world. The Armenian delegation was also numerous - 200 people. This initiative was actively supported in Armenia at the government level.

At the insistence of the academician, from 2002 to 2013, a targeted program was put in place in Moscow that would identify early prostate diseases. Thanks to the efforts of Doctor Kamalov and his team, the rate of prostate cancer detection in the early stages of the disease has increased dramatically.

According to the renowned urologist, representatives of different nationalities receive equal opportunities for development in Russia.

“But every Armenian always asks himself this question: “What have I done for my country and my people?” And it is vitally important for me that the scientists of our two countries master the world’s best practices and enrich them with new research,” he said earlier in interview with Sputnik Armenia.
Two years ago, in remote villages of Armenia, where there were no permanent doctors, he organized for the village residents to undergo wellness screening with diagnostic devices created at Moscow State University. The academician founded the Heritage and Progress Foundation, which is engaged in the preservation of the interstate cultural heritage of Armenia and Russia.

Among other things, Kamalov is also a brilliant organizer. At the very start of the pandemic, when no one really knew anything about the coronavirus, he managed to repurpose the University Clinic in a matter of days and completely change the protocol. Together with his team he were the first to give up antibiotics, give patients blood thinners and share their experience with everyone.

On his 60th birthday, he received congratulations not only from the colleagues and friends on Earth, but from space as well.