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Children’s art school in Omsk was named after Arno Babajanyan

This year we have witnessed a truly momentous date.

January 21, 2021. 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Arno Babajanyan. Soviet composer of the XX century, People’s Artist of the USSR, Stalin Prize winner.

Throughout the year, global music communities continued to witness and participate in incredible and highly entertaining events! So, in honor of the great date, the first children’s art school in the Siberian region was named after Arno Babajanyan.

“Children’s Art School No. 10 named after A.A. Babajanyan” of the city of Omsk. Address: 26/2 Zaozernaya Str., Omsk.

Now, when entering the school, everyone will remember the wonderful world of Arno, be inspired by his music to create their own masterpieces and join the sublime world of art, and that is truly the greatest reward!

The educational institution awaits the creatively fulfilling and thrilling Cultural Events Days filled with deep affection and larger-than-life emotions. Both the attendees and the event participants will keep in their memory the unforgettable experience of listening to the melodies created by the Maestro.